My name is Güven Alarslan. I was born and raised in the Netherlands and I still live here. After my graduation for my bachelors degree, I continued with a masters program called ‘Management, Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences’. Currently, I work as a scientific researcher at the VU University in Amsterdam (click here for more of my educational background).

Meet the photographer

Over the years, I tried new stuff and found new hobbies. First and foremost, traveling is my dream. I have traveled to many European countries by car as part of my road trip (18 different countries) and I drove to and within Turkey so many time that I lost count. In 2016, I had a train trip in India, following the recommendations of the lonely planet in Rajasthan (starting in Mumbai and Pune, I traveled to Udaipur and ended in New Delhi and back to Mumbai to fly back home to the Netherlands..

Next to traveling, I really enjoy to read, to work out, make drawings of animated figures and actual people (check out my Instagram to see my drawings)

Finally, I have had a strong affinity with photography. I took pictures wherever I went, which stimulated me to pursue my dream herein. On my photography account on Instagram, you can check out some of my recent pictures from my trips and my pictures in nature.

Now, I wish to broaden my horizon, improve my portfolio and do some shoots with people too. My main focus is photography of people in nature and cities. Due to my interest in working out and being fit, I have also dedicated a page on my website to models in relation to being fit/healthy etc. I’m looking forward for working together with interesting people and their interesting stories, while pursuing my dream as a photographer.